10 Things You Can See, Do & Eat While Servicing Your Car at Lim Tayar (KL Edition)

Servicing your car can be a chore especially if you expect hours of boredom ahead of you (there’s only so many hours of Mobile Legends you can play before your phone battery goes KO). Here are things you can see, do and eat all within the vicinity of our 10 Lim Tayar outlets within KL while waiting for your car to be serviced. Don’t say we #bojio okay?

1. Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)

TTDI Park (12 mins walk / 5 mins taxi ride)

With more time in your hands during the weekend, you may want to take a break from it all and head to the TTDI Park for a light walk, or perhaps grab some breakfast from the vendors around the park. This not-so-secret spot boasts a stream and ample greenery to languish in – the perfect place to freshen up your mind and soul in the morning before heading back to civilization.

Dotty’s Pastries & Coffee (5 mins walk)

At first glance, you won’t be faulted for thinking that this French-themed cafe is damn atas. But warning: one look at the cafe menu may cause your saliva to flow faster than you can say sacré bleu. I mean, salted egg yolk cronut? I am IN! Doughnut latte? More like, shut up and doughnut say a word, take my money now!

Homst Restaurant (4 mins walk)

This Chinese-Muslim restaurant is a stone’s throw away from our TTDI outlet and has garnered a loyal following throughout the years. Specialties include succulent smoked duck accompanied by cute little pieces of fried mantou (don’t forget to drizzle some sweet and spicy chilli sauce while you’re at it).

2. Old Klang Road

BBQ OKR (4 mins walk)

One of the hidden gems in OKR is this awesome BBQ place. If you’re in a mood for a leisurely lunch, it won’t be such a bad idea to have it at the BBQ OKR restaurant. Ambience is awesome – when we first stepped into this place, we went “Wahlau, so Bangkok, much authentic!” The non-BBQ Thai dishes will also make you salivate for more. Note: best to come in a group so that you can try as many dishes as you can.

Sukaphat Thai Vegetarian Restaurant (4 mins walk )

It’s not often we stumble onto Thai vegetarian restaurants that can actually satisfy the omnivore in us, but the Sukaphat Thai Vegetarian Restaurant in the OKR neighborhood seemed to do the job well. This hidden gem serves up perfectly convincing mock fish curry and duck dishes.

Swim Paradise Park & Cafe (1 min walk)

There are not many pools around KL that cater to the lovely furkids in our lives, but there is one near our Lim Tayar outlet in Old Klang Road! You can book your slot in advance at the Swim Paradise Park & Cafe, drop off your car with us, and walk to the pool cafe to enjoy a cool drink in the sun while your little doggy splash about.

3. Bangsar

Cheap + quick eyebrow threading for the girls (9 mins walk)

Financially prudent girls (not kiamsiap okay, uh that’s different), listen up! For as low as RM5, you can have a quick eyebrow grooming session done in Bangsar. One of the more well-known places you can have this done is at the First Impression Beauty Salon at Jalan Telawi 2. If you’ve more time you can even sneak in a quick facial.

Delectable veg fare at WTF Restaurant (10 mins walk)

If you’ve always been avoiding vegetarian restaurants all your life (“Aiya, what for, I’m a carnivore!”) then you’ve not tried WTF Restaurant’s excellent Indian vegetarian cuisine. Recommended dish: share the famous Tandoori Platter with your friends or colleagues and you’ll never view vegetarian food the same way again.

Have your heart stolen at the Breakfast Thieves (4 mins walk)

Just 5 minutes’ walk to APW Bangsar will bring you right to the infamous Breakfast Thieves brunch cafe. We can’t even begin to describe the wonders that line this place’s menu, but let’s just say almost everything goes well with the crowd favourite: the Piccolo Latte.

4. Taman Sri Hartamas

Style/cut/wash your hair at Yoo Jean Korean Hair Salon (9 min walk)

Ever wondered what a Korean hairstyle would look like on you? Just 10 minutes’ walk away from our Lim Tayar HQ, Yoo Jean Hair Salon is THE place to go should you ever decide on a Korean makeover.

Get a boost of freshness at La Juiceria (1 min walk)

For a wide range of healthy juices that will cool you down on a hot day, pop over to the La Juiceria shop a few doors down. Our favorite’s the PAM (Pineapple, Apple, Mint) juice – you really can’t go wrong with something that’s both tasty and bursting with nutrients.

Authentic Vietnamese cuisine at Super Saigon (1 min walk)

The first halal Vietnamese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur? Pho-real? Yep, you’d better believe it. The variety is great and the ambiance certainly is quite pleasing.

5. Taman Melawati

Shop at Melawati Mall (3 mins walk)

Admit it, you’re thinking of coming in just for the aircon right? 😉 If you’re up for other activities, you can kill time watching the latest movies at the GSC cinema or have a quick sing-a-long with friends at the Firezone Family KTV.

Farmers Market Taman Melawati (7 mins walk)

When’s the last time you went to a true-blue Pasar Tani? If you happen to leave your car with us one fine Saturday morning, don’t forget to pop by the nearby farmers market for fresh produce and delicious local food.

Galleroti Cafe (2 mins walk)

This corner lot cafe is one of the coziest places to lepak while your car lepaks with other cars in our outlet. Local foods, quick bites, cool drinks, chill environment – the Galleroti has it all.

6. Dataran Wangsa

Go Western at Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir (1 min walk)

Open from lunch to dinner, this restaurant is a crowd favorite amongst locals staying in the area. The steak and pasta are two of your best bets, but we do love how reasonable the portions are! Pasta quite huge leh, can be shared between two people.

Muslimah wear shopping and coffee break at the Tasbeeh Boutique and Cafe (3 mins walk)

It’s a boutique! It’s a cafe! It’s both! Here, you can kill not one, not two, but THREE birds with one stone as you shop and gossip over coffee with your gal pals – all while waiting for your car to be serviced at the nearby Lim Tayar outlet.

Shop at Petsmore (2 mins walk)

A stone’s throw away, lies one of the bigger Petsmore outlets in the area. Even if you don’t need pet supplies, there are always cute little critters for animal lovers to feast their eyes on.

7. Jalan Kepong

Try KL’s most succulent prawn mee at Restaurant Penang Corner (10 mins walk)

If you miss a taste of Penang, Restaurant Penang Corner has all you need to satisfy your cravings. Hint: the prawn mee’s not just the star of the show, other reputable dishes to try include Penang rojak and piquant laksa. Bonus hint: it opens from 8AM, but expect a large crowd up till 10 in the morning.

Shop at Aeon Metro Prima (9 mins walk)

Aeon Metro Prima is easily accessible from our Lim Tayar Kepong outlet – expect to be inundated with various choices of food and retail shops to browse in.

8. Gombak

Nasi Lemak Utara Selatan (2 mins walk)

It’s lunch, and if the only thing on your mind is devouring a good helping of nasi lemak, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t head to Nasi Lemak Utara Selatan. Located a stone’s throw away from our Jalan Gombak outlet, this place serves up a mean plate of nasi lemak with its signature spicy-sweet sambal.

Boye Vegetarian Cafe (3 mins walk)

Considered one of Gombak’s best-kept secret, Boye Vegetarian Cafe offers fusion vegetarian food in a chill atmosphere that will please even the most fussy eaters. And lookie, there’s a good dessert selection (we love the vegetarian cheesecake) to satisfy your sweet tooth.

P. Ramlee Memorial House (7 mins walk)

Every Malaysian worth his salt will know who P. Ramlee is but we bet you didn’t know that his memorial house is located just a short distance away! Open till 5 PM daily, this memorial house displays a vast range of memorabilia and offers a rare glimpse into the past of a man who rose from humble beginnings to become the legend that he still is even after his death.

9. Jalan Ipoh

SA Bamboo Curry House (7 min walk)

If you’re hankering after a hearty Indian meal, SA Bamboo Curry House is THE place to be when you’re in Jalan Ipoh. Affordably priced with a cozy vibe, the restaurant offers delicious thosai, masala tea and small but powerful nasi lemak packets.

Restaurant Tiam Onn (9 mins walk / 5 mins taxi ride)

A homely kopitiam that serves your usual Chinese fare, this coffee shop boasts of a wide variety of dishes that’re both wholesome and affordable. The hand-made pan mee and Hokkien mee are crowd favourites that will have you slurp down your meal with abandon.

10. Pandan Indah

Quan Ice Cream and Coffee House for excellent food and desserts (3 mins walk)

One of the two Quan Ice Cream cafes in KL, this establishment is THE place to enjoy a leisurely meal while waiting for your car to be serviced. Dessert OBVIOUSLY is a must. Notable dishes to try include the crispy butter chicken set and lava cake with rum raisin ice cream.

Mama Kim Sauna Mee, wholesome broth with generous portions (7 mins walk)

Comfortable air-conditioned interior, wholesome and healthy noodle dishes… what more could you ask for? Noodles are served in a hot stone bowl that maintains its heat long after your food has arrived – definitely not just a novelty!

Udon-ya San Restaurant for delicious authentic ramen and reasonably priced (6 mins walk)

One of the most highly rated Japanese restaurants in the area, Udon-ya San Restaurant’s menu is chock full of authentic dishes – one bite of the silky udon will make you feel as if you’re wrapped in a warm blanket of love. We like the set meals that offer both noodles and rice in small portions should you get indecisive over what to order. Note: come for an early lunch to enjoy good seats!

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