At Lim Tayar, we service cars and check tyres. What starts with an oil change or a quick 15-point check is often the beginning of a new relationship, some of which span over 30 years. We know how busy it gets, so we open the whole week including full days on Saturdays and Sundays, because some things just can’t wait.


We carry various brands with a wide selection of tyres, from passenger, SUV, MPV, Ultra High-Performing, and even Run Flat tyres. It’s good to get your tyres looked at every 5,000km or so, just to ensure they have sufficient tread depth or pressure. The minimum tread depth requirement is 1.6mm, but for extra safety precaution, especially on rainy days, it’s best to have a tread depth of least 3mm. Just pop over any Lim Tayar outlet for our servicemen to check your tyres or pump them up.


Your engine is made of many moving metal parts, and oil is vital to keep them from grinding together, so it’s a good habit to ensure your engine oils are replaced as scheduled to prolong engine life. If your car is utilising Mineral or Semi-Synthetic Oil, do have a check every 5,000km / 3 months, and if it is using Fully Synthetic Oil, do check every 10,000km / 6 months. Lim Tayar only carries genuine engine oils directly from branded suppliers, so be rest assured of quality oils at our outlets.


Proactively getting your battery tested will help reduce chances of your engine not starting, so it’d be good to get it checked twice a year. Unsure if your battery can last for much longer? Just drop by your nearest Lim Tayar outlet for a free check! If it really is in need of a replacement, we carry high-quality batteries designed to be reliable and highly resistant to corrosion. Otherwise, you can be on your way knowing your batteries are still functioning well!


Brakes are vital to slow or stop our car and prevent possible collisions, hence it’s recommended to have them checked either every 5,000km, when your car is going through a wheel alignment and balancing, or during a general service. We are also able to remove dust, oil, tar and grease to keep your brake system functioning more efficiently. While a pair of high quality brake pads are good to have, they should be paired with good quality brake fluids to ensure they function well. We carry OEM and branded brake pads and fluids for you to choose from.


Apart from bumpy potholes, if you feel more bumps and shakes than usual, you could have an issue with your suspension. An easy way to check if the problem could be with your suspension is to do a “bounce test”, where you push down firmly on the front of your car hood. It should bounce back up in a single bounce, but if it bounces several times before it settles, you may need to have them looked at. It’d be good to have them checked every 5,000km not only so you get a smoother ride, but also to ensure that the weight of your car is evenly distributed, which contributes to a fairly even wear of tyres across the width of the tread.

We’re certainly more than just tyres, so if your car needs to be serviced
Check It-lah @ Lim Tayar!

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