Extra Savings 2.0

Looking for a better deal for your vehicle maintenance? Check out these extra savings from Lim Tayar. From engine oil change to your air conditioning servicing, there’s an offer for every service you need to ensure your vehicle is always in good condition. How to get this savings?

Check out the 5 simple steps below and see you soon in our outlets!

1. Head over to your nearest selected Lim Tayar
2. Purchase the Extra Saving 2.0 LOL package of either Castrol Edge or Castrol Magnatec.
3. Inform our cashier if you would like to add in preferred selected* additional services.
4. Service your car at Lim Tayar outlet
5. Drive home with peace of mind on your ride!

*Selected additional services offer consist of Advanced Aircond Service, Brake Service, Balancing & Alignment or combination of all in one bill.

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