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5 Raining Season Driving Tips

Driving in rain can be one of the most challenging driving situations and it have close association with the increase in accident rates. Knowing how wet road conditions affect the way you handle your vehicles will help you to drive safely and reduce your chances of getting into an accident. Check out our 5 simple tips below!

1. Stay Alert and Plan Ahead.
Driving in wet conditions can be hazardous and nerve-racking, drivers need to stay extra alert and focused on what’s going on around the vehicle while still maintaining a proper manoeuvre. If possible, think ahead by planning your journey before or after the rain to avoid unnecessary risk.

2. Turn On Headlights and Wipers.
In some country turning on the headlights to increase the visibility is a law when the wipers are turned on. The lights help the visibility of you and other drivers especially when the pouring rain is reducing the overall road users visibility while the wipers help you to keep in check of your vehicle surrounding environment.

3. Beware of Hydroplaning.
Hydroplaning is when your tyres lose traction with the road due to excess water which results in losing control of your vehicle. A worn tyres with speed more 50 km per hours is more than enough to cause a hydroplaning. If your tyres have extensive wear and tear it will cause more prone to hydroplaning, drive slowly if needed and change your tyres as soon as possible with reliable service centre.

4. Maintain safe Distance and Avoid Heavy Braking.
Stopping your vehicle is more difficult when driving in the rain due to lesser traction between your tyres and the road surface. Maintain a healthy distance of several vehicles between your vehicle and other vehicles by taking your foot off the accelerator earlier than you normally would in preparation to slow down or stop. Heavy braking might put you in higher risk instead of lowering the risk with lesser friction of the brake system metal due to the water present on the system.

5. Slow Down.
You may driving a luxury car featuring the best car equipment with premium wipers (which we recommend) or best ultra-high-performance tyres from Nokian but your vehicle’s reaction time is much slower when it is raining. Reduced speed is crucial in rainy weathers and the speed limit sign is designed for ideal conditions that provide good visibility for all road users. At Lim Tayar we provide a free 15-point check with every servicing to help you in maintaining an excellent vehicle condition to ensure your safety and to help you in budgeting for future car servicing. Find your nearest Lim Tayar today!

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