Buying New Tyres Tips

Tyres is just tyres mah? As long can jalan, okay mah!

Tyres are the only parts of your car that are in contact with the road. Therefore, it should be one of your primary safety concern! We’ve breakdown here for you a quick & easy 3 tips to follow if you’re in the market for new tyres:

1) Stick to factory size recommendation
Those geeky scientists didn’t spend countless hours of their time with experiment and product testing to hear you say “if bigger, better mah! ABUDEN!?”. Often, it’s tempting to upsize your tyres with the expectation of better performance. However, the truth is the sizes recommended by your manufacturer is the ideal size to optimise your car overall performance, safety, durability and maintenance cost. If you don’t know where to locate the recommended size, often it will come together in your car manual book or you can check it from the driver or passenger side door panel.

2) Budget & Usage
Of course, the primary factor in choosing the vast ocean of tyre brands from Michelin, Pirelli, Nokian, Hankook and more is your budget & usage. There is no point in opting for the ultra-high-performance tyres, spending tons of money knowing the fact that your car is only being used to pick up the kids and not the tracks! High-performance tyres are highly sought for their cornering and handling capability but in the sacrifice of their comfort. Imagine yourself stuck in the middle of KL traffic, driving below 60km/h…do we need to say more apalah! Get your consultation from the dealership and do your research in advance.

3) Reliable Dealership
Sure, shopping online for a deal is a great way to save few RM for your brand new tyres but it comes together with a cost. Remember, your tyres will be used for at least 2 years down the road and a great after-sales service comes in handy by then. A reliable dealership often comes together with a great in-house aftersales service in case you will be needing to do a tyre claim warranty, maintenance, annual inspection or even a trade-in. Choosing a reliable dealership will save you the headache and probably cost you less money in the long run too.

At Lim Tayar we carry an extensive range of tyres from ultra-high-performance tyres, eco-friendly tyres and run-flat tyres from major tyre manufacturers such as Michelin, Pirelli, Nokian, Hankook, Continental and more. Feel free to drop into your nearest Lim Tayar to get a Quick, Reliable and Professional consultation for an ease of mind shopping experience.

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