Car Battery Shopping Tips

1) Stick to Factory size recommendation
The recommend size commonly available in your car owner’s manual upon your purchase. The recommended size is based upon safety primarily. Also, is a good idea to consider your environment temperature as a high-temperature environment can be harsher on batteries, causing unwanted corrosion.

2) Research
Read reviews and comments regarding of the brand you eyeing for. Overlooking brand reputation and quality can cost you more money if you opted for the battery that is not durable enough to cope with your car daily needs. A warranty is a “must look at” when purchasing a battery and a good battery usually comes at a hefty price too but less headache on you in the long run!

3) Choosing between maintenance-free or conventional
Maintenance-free will cost you more money but lesser of your time for a regular checking & maintenance while non-maintenance battery requires more regular checking. On top, an overdoing on conventional battery will cause unnecessary damage without proper maintenance process.

4) Opt for Warranty.
There are tons of options out there when it comes to choosing a car battery. Therefore, stick to the warranty package offered by the manufacturer as it’s commonly reflecting the product quality. The longer the warranty, the more ease of mind you can have when it comes to your car battery knowing there’s lower possibility of being stranded on the road with higher quality battery.

At Lim Tayar we offer only the best of products which tested internally and through our customer feedback in our 30 years plus of industry experience. Each product & services were tested as part of our compliance in ISO 9001. We offer the battery choice of Delkor and Yokohama a reputable and well-known car battery brand in the industry with high reputation in producing car battery. On top, Delkor car battery brand comes with promising extra 3 months warranty on top of assurance from Lim Tayar. 

Lim Tayar is your car One-Stop Service Centre with ranges of car products and services and over 35 years of Malaysia automotive industry. Lim Tayar provides FREE 15-point check that covers all your basic car checklist in ensuring a safer journey for our customers through our 15 point check. We’re open 7 days a week, including public holiday! Looking for a reliable service centre? Look no further than Lim Tayar!

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