Car Service- Before or After a Roadtrip?

With the holiday season coming along, many may consider for #CutiCutiMalaysia and car servicing comes into mind. The next question is, should I service my car before or after a long drive? The general rule, a simple checking a week before your trip will do just fine and better peace of mind if you can opt for a car service before and after a long roadtrip. The simple checking beforehand includes your tyre pressure, engine oil level, coolant level and to name a few. You can check out our 5 Basic Car Maintenance Tips that you can Do-It-Yourselves at the convenience of home or head over to your nearest Lim Tayar for the 15-points check.
Car servicing after a long trip is more critical due to the fact that your car has been under a significant amount of stress from the long demand of power needed to get to your destination. There are 5 primary areas of your vehicle that require immediate attention after a long-drive:
1) Engine Oil
Driving through the highway with constant high speed may contribute to the cleanliness of your engine oil. Even though a regular air filter replacement may help in reducing further risk of debris and dirt, there still will be small particles that will find their way through your engine. Hence, getting an engine oil change after a trip is a good measure in keeping your engine clean and cool.
2) Coolant Level
How often do you see cars stranded with smoke coming out from the engine bay? That is primarily caused by little amount of coolant to keep your engine cool. Your engine is running hot from the constant demand of power from the long-distance driving and the main function of the coolant is in keeping your engine cool by circulating sufficient water coolant throughout your engine components.
4) Brake System
From the 2 points mentioned earlier, you can see that vital point that requires immediate attention is involving heat and your brake system is no exception. Constant braking produces heat on top of debris coming out from the brake pad. The higher performance your brake pads are, the more chances for it to heat up faster and producing debris. Furthermore, your brake system includes the brake lining which expands as it is introduced to heat which results in the feeling of needing extra pressing on your pedal. Better peace of mind will be on opting for mesh or stainless steel braided hose and get it checked regularly especially after a long roadtrip.
5) Wipers
Among all the parts, normally the least attention given to is the wipers. However, wipers are one of the primary safety features available during the rainy season or in time of need such as during the early morning drive. Giving attention to your wipers will provide you with that extra peace of mind, on top of comfort on your eyes during the drive.
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