Common Tyre Damage in Malaysia

“Alamak, tayar ada crack lah, baru je beli ni. Habis lah duit keluar lagi nak beli baru”. Relax, your recent investment won’t be just going to the drain. In fact, your brand new tyres should have come with a warranty that’s covered by the manufacturer for certain damages done to the tyres and your tyre dealership should be in responsible for inspecting and assisting you in the tyre warranty claim process. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the typical tyre damage in Malaysia.

1) Wear & Tear
All tyres will begin to wear eventually & require replacement but some tyres will wear quicker than others. Quality, driving pattern, road condition will play a role in the tyre lifespan. Lower quality tyres tend to wear quicker than others due to lower grade of rubber used. However, driver habit such as travelling at high speed or sudden acceleration will also wear tyres quicker due to demand of traction. On top, constant travel on uneven surfaces such as road with “lobang” certainly will affect your tyres as it’s exposed to constant impact frequently more often when hitting those pothole. You can prolong the life of your tyres by giving it a regular check and maintenance.

2) One Sided or Irregular Wear
The primary caused of one-sided wear is wheel misalignment. If your brand new tyres not properly aligned then the surface area will not wear evenly as a result of uneven contact with the road and may cause premature tyre replacement. It’s recommended to get your tyres properly aligned and rotate every 5,000km or 3 months to ensure an even surface wear and it’s natural for tyres to be misaligned due to high contact with roads especially if exposed to uneven road surface area which commonly seen in Klang Valley lobang!

3) Over/Under Inflation
If you seldom check your tyres, the only thing that keeping your tyres together is the air. As your tyres in contact with the road surface, the friction will cause internal heat building in your tyre. Under inflation will weaken the tyre structure from the excessive heat while over inflation will cause excessive heat build in the center and in hot weather and high speed will risk tyre burst. So make sure to visit your nearest petrol station or tyre shop at least once a month to get it checked!

4) Bulge & Lumps
Buldge or lumps is the common impact from hitting those lobang guli that should be avoided at all cost. The impact weakened the structure of the tyres. Therefore, creating internal air pressure that causes the bulge which indicate the tyres is damaged internally.

5) Punctures
Punctures happen when tyres came in contact with sharp object that penetrates the outer wall of your tyres. This object can be anything from sharp nails. glass, screws, cracks in tarmac or even sharp edge stone! If the sharp object deep enough into your tyre, it can cause loss of air pressure and may create range of problems from loss of grip, reduced handling or even uneven wear! Luckily, a puncture tyre is easily fixed with tyre patching that’s easily available and is recommended to be done as soon as possible. This is meant as a temporary fix and is recommended for a tyre replacement if you seeing any sign of puncture still after the fix.

At Lim Tayar we offer and extensive range of tyres related from tyre repair, tyre inspection, tyre replacement, tyre patching, tyre alignment & balancing, tyre rotation and more to ensure your tyres are kept in good shape as they’re the only part that comes into contact with roads and ensuring your safety. On top, any tyres purchased at Lim Tayar comes with a Quick & Responsible tyre warranty to ensure our customer satisfaction and safety. All of our tyres are stored in a proper manner as per manufacturer reccomendation to ensure a substantial tyre quality and we only keep the best of the best for our customers.

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